Our Story

We Endorse a Holistic Strategy

“Smart Sun Solar offers turnkey services that help you experience the value of solar energy. Our all inclusive services encompass consultation, design, commissioning, maintenance, and monitoring for a lifetime. We are the only organization that provides a Solar Analysis Report before the beginning of the installation process. Our report offers a deep insight on Shadow Analysis, 3D view, Estimated Monthly Generation, Return on Investment, and Environmental Impact.”

Our Features

Together, we are inching towards making a difference.


Our system offers customers sun-tracking arrays that help to maximize the efficiency of the system and obtain maximum production.

Online Monitoring

Our smart systems help owners to track their energy production 24/7. It also assists in monitoring the system’s health with a simple, mobile-friendly interface.

Battery Backup

Our systems offer battery backup options to store the excess power and protect your solar plants against power outages.

Solar Analysis Report

We provide Solar Analysis Report before beginning of installation process. Report highlights insights like Shadow Analysis, 3D, Estimated Monthly Generation, Return Investment & Environment Impact.

What sets us apart?

Our customers are our top priority and we strive to provide a positive experience for every consumer we serve. With a broad range of knowledge, our specialized team is well-equipped in serving your energy needs.

  • We build custom-design systems
  • We assist you to choose the best one for life.
  • Our solar energy plants offer flexibility for life.
  • We build systems that offer a clean and streamlined look.
  • Our solar analysis reports allow you to track your savings.

Simple & Easy to Use

One Time Investment

27-Years Warranty

Installation Included

We are the Industry Leaders

We help you reduce your energy consumption by enforcing conservation measures through an efficient-energy savings contract. With Smart Sun, you will experience

  • Efficient power productions
  • Longevity of the system
  • Full Ownership
  • Savings from day 1
  • Transparent management
  • Online Monitoring

Are You Still Paying Huge Electricity Bills?

Make a smart switch.

Experience a practical, reliable, and cost-effective energy solution with Smart Sun Solar.

“Empower yourself with predictable electric rates and clean energy. With Smart Sun Solar you can save money for the things that matter the most and protect the environment. When you switch to using solar energy, you demonstrate your commitment to making a smart decision to protect your family and the planet. ”

Why Choose Smart Sun Solar?

With an aim to develop solar power as a sustainable source of alternative energy in India and to save on electricity bills, Smart Sun Solar is committed to providing quality and efficient solutions.

One-stop shop

From initial stage of drafting to final installation, you can always count on us to provide the professional assistance you need.

Modular Pricing

Smart Sun Solar believes in offering choice. Choose the components that you think are essential and pay only for them.

Guaranteed service

Get rid of hassle of spending out of pocket, as we offer all-inclusive protection & monitoring services with installation.

Quality Materials

We use the highest quality materials and components for your customized solar systems to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Are You Still Paying Huge Electricity Bills?

Take Control of Your Energy Use.